“A team with true professionals can achieve their goals.” DOREEN is administered by a professional and experienced management team consisting of competent and proficient executives with skilled manpower. Each of the company’s different units has thorough perception and definitive expertise in the particular area of its business

Directors Profile

Parveen Alam

Parveen Alam Siddique
Honorable Senior Vice Chairperson

Madame Siddique comes from highly educated respected Muslim family of West Bengal. Her parent and grandparents served as respected bureaucrats of the Government Civil Service of pre and post-independence Bangladesh Government.

Madame is the matriarch, foremost strength and source of inspiration being the loving wife of the Honorable Chairman and DOREEN’s business growth. She actively engages in performing and managing the business activities and has extensive experience in policy making of DOREEN.

Tehzeeb Alam Siddique
Tahzeeb Alam Siddique
Managing Director

As the eldest son of the Chairman, Tahzeeb is the second generation of DOREEN actively taking part in formulating and guiding DOREEN into the twenty-first century, steering the group into diversification of its businesses and consolidating the existing business activities and operations whereas at the same time ensuring expansion of the group towards both horizontal and vertical integration ensuring a moderate and sustainable growth in all enterprises of DOREEN.

Being at the center of policy formulation of the future of DOREEN, Tahzeeb follows a streamlined approach of expansion and enhances diversification more in order to ensure the limited risk exposure of DOREEN in the volatile business environment of DOREEN.


Such endeavors credit him to become one of the first successful pioneers of the private power generation industry in Bangladesh. Power generation division of the organization is his “brainchild” and as Managing Director of Doreen Power Generations and Systems Ltd and Doreen Power House and Technologies Ltd., he can single handedly established the company to become  a major player in the market. He has also accomplished as being one of the first entrepreneurs to steer international funding into this sector through these enterprises.


Tahzeeb is an Ivy League alumni completing his undergraduate study from Cornell University and subsequently finishing his post graduate Master’s degree from the University of Oxford.


Tahzeeb Alam Siddique is a current Member of Parliament for the term 2014-2019 session which he was elected as an independent candidate having defeated some of the stalwarts of his district home constituency of Jhenidah. As a second generation politician and raised with a political and business family, Mr. Tahzeeb keeps his political and business works separate.


As the youngest son of the Chairman, Tanzeer currently holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of DOREEN along with holding the responsible positions of being the Managing Director of Doreen Engineering & Constructions Ltd, Doreen Developments Ltd and Doreen Hotel and Resorts Ltd. and also the Director of other business units of DOREEN.

Tanzeer is responsible in steering the various business entities of DOREEN, working with his brother, towards future growth and expansion. As part of this process, the Vice Chairman had envisioned and developed the concept of captivating and utilizing the prized real estate assets held by the group and transforming them into foreign currency revenue generators for the group. In this endeavor, his dream to build a prestigious hotel in the heart of Dhaka city is becoming a reality with the opening of the first Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Dhaka Gulshan.

Tanzeer also holds in his business credentials to develop the INTELLIGENT WORKSPACE OFFICE in Dhaka by constructing the Doreen Tower with the most sophisticated and planned office tower in the heart of Dhaka city at Gulshan Circle 2. Doreen Tower today is marked as an iconic structure standing tall that bears the vision and mark of the dedication and perseverance of Tanzeer of making this dream come true.

Tanzeer is a graduate from Queen Mary, University of London completing his LL.B and subsequently completing his LL.M from University of Westminster in London in International Commercial Law. Currently, he is fully engaged into business and works closely with all business units of DOREEN alongside his brother

Tanzeer Alam Siddique
Vice Chairman