capitalHonorable Chairman, Mr. Nur-e-Alam Siddique is one of the founders of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Together with similar minded entrepreneurs of the time, their cumulative efforts led to the formation of the DSE and subsequently the development of the first exchange market in Bangladesh. Nur-e-Alam and Company Securities hence is considered as one of the oldest respected brokerage house in Bangladesh. With a meticulous approach in trading, the house serves specific clientele.


Through the same brokerage institution, DOREEN invests in the business community in Bangladesh as a private investor with a large portfolio thereby standing in commitment to the founders’ principles and theory of investing and creating large scale blue chips.


Nur E Alam Siddique & Co

DOREEN has also leveraged its factories and real estate ventures with strong shares in the stock market. Investments and Capital Market division, under the name of Nur-e-Alam Siddique and Co. securities, has amassed a strong portfolio for DOREEN, with present value of $ 60 million holding interests in various financial institutions of Bangladesh.

Yearly turnover of the brokerage house is $50 Million. As strategic investors, DOREEN is one of the oldest private investment concerns in Bangladesh with a steady growth strategy that has enabled it to acquire a major shareholding stakes in some of the most important blue-chip institutions.


 Mgt. & Operation
Work with our clients to fully understand their needs.
Provide our clients with expert advice (Technical Analysis).
Give our clients a fair price.
Handle our clients’ order promptly and accurately.
Provide support, as required, to assure total satisfaction.
Hassle free money deposit and withdrawal.
Our Services:
Real Time Online Trading in Bangladesh for the very first time.
Full Service Depository Participant.
BO Account Opening.
Proposed Online Share Trading (market order).
Separate Telephone trading terminal.
Trade facilities for Non Residence Bangladeshi.
Highly Developed Back office Software.
Large Multimedia Trading Screen.
Sophisticated Research and Development Cell.
Prompt, Reliable and Friendly Client Services.
Highly Skilled Management.
Well equipped trading house with sophisticated technologies.