Garments and Textile sector of DOREEN has been contributing to the national economy with admired repute and respect under the banners of its independent subsidiaries:

Doreen Garments Ltd

Doreen Apparels Ltd

Doreen Attire ltd

Doreen Fashion Ltd

SOB Apparels Ltd

Doreen Washing Plant Ltd

N. Nabi Textiles Ltd

N Neher Textile Ltd

NAS Dyeing and Finishing Ltd.

In recognition of its contribution to the national export of Bangladesh, DOREEN has been rewarded with many awards and trophies by the Government of Bangladesh. The garments and textiles division of DOREEN is constantly marching ahead to set an export target of about $110 million during the next season with a 10% growth per annul on-wards.




DOREEN GARMENTS is a leading clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company produces some of the most fashionable denim fabrics and garment products and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh.

Doreen’s destiny with thread and needle dates back to the mid-Eighties when Bangladesh made a thumping entry in garment export.  Over the years the Group’s garment units acquired world-class expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry, consolidating its hold and contribution to the export-driven growth in this thriving sector.  Our dedication, concern for quality and commitment can be traced in the garments we produce and export to some globally acknowledged brand-leaders in fashion and active-wear. DOREEN today is working with some of the biggest fashion brands of the world. history of ,more than 32 years in the Garments & Apparels  business that has today evolved into a company with diverse interests like Stock Market, Power Generation, Building constructions, Cement Manufacture, Hotels, etc.
Today DOREEN Garments Division employs around 20,000 workers and the company has 3 garment factories consisting of 18 production lines and 1 washing plant to produce one million pcs/month. Our three independent units are equipped with state-of-the-art floor lines, producing shirts, jackets, ladies’ and children’s active-wear.

Doreen is successful in keeping up with great expectations from some of the world’s demanding apparel buyers.  It was because of our obsession for quality, which further attributes to workers’ welfare, better working environment, abiding all regulatory compliance – and a global outlook.


The Five storied factory building is well planned suitably designed for an ideal Garments Factory, To ensure safety, security and better health of workers, the factory building has 3 (three) wide stairs with comfortable height for speedy evacuation during emergency. The factory is provided with automatic fire alarm system. Sufficient firefighting equipment, wide passage for movement of workers, obstruction free emergency exit ails, emergency lighting system provided thru generator on stair, exit passage, floors and other safety measures as recommended by local laws/ regulations and customers. The factory has its own medical room with a full time trained nurse and a registered doctor.

Furthermore, the factory has the facilities of a day care center, dining hall for the workers, separate prayer rooms for male and female persons, adequate Toilets and Dressing rooms. Factory provided free lunch, free transport and free medical to all workers and staffs. The whole factory is very well equipped with sufficient lighting and fresh air flow. Finally for the safety matter the company is very well equipped with all types of fire safety equipment and procedures.

The company strictly maintains the labor law by prohibiting any employment of child, forced or prison labor. The factory is completely child labor free. We ensure of compliance of all requirements of safety security and facilities as per requirement of ILO. The salary and overtime is paid in full amount by the first week of every month.


Products : All kind of Bottoms i.e. Men’s /Ladies/Kids trouser, Jacket, Shirt.
Location : 50-60, Dakkhin Panishail, N.K. Link Road, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Establish Since : 1984
Workforce (Factory) : 2800
No. of lines : 18
No. of machines : 1260
Product Ratio % : 40% Men’s 35% Ladies, 15% Kids & infants
Ownership : Local ownership
Subcontractors : NO







E-mail: athula@DOREENattirebd.com